Noosa Kayak Tour (Everglades & Stingrays)

  • Продолжительность: 3 час. (прибл.)
  • Место встречи: Noosaville, QLD
  • Код предложения: YAK

-2022 Winner of Australia's Most Magical Experience- 

Easily accessible: Just minutes from Noosa Junction and conducted in calm shallow waters.

Stingrays: The Southern Everglades provide a serene sanctuary for stingrays, keep an eye out and you should spot numerous juvenile rays darting through the water.

Stunning & Tranquil: Take in the tranquility of hidden waterways and the stunning vistas of Lake Weyba as you explore the unparalleled beauty of Noosa's enchanting UNESCO World Heritage protected Southern Everglades.

Swim in the Pristine Everglades: Take an optional swim (weather dependent)

Diverse Wildlife: The Noosa Everglades are celebrated for their biodiversity, encompassing a multitude of bird species, fish, and diverse flora. This unique ecosystem also serves as a crucial habitat for numerous vulnerable and endangered species.

Interactive Games and Quizzes: Be attentive, there is a test! Engage in lighthearted games and quizzes while earning points to conquer "Stevie's Quiz."

Picnic on Secluded Shores: Experience something truly unique by enjoying a leisurely bite to eat on exposed sandbars or tranquil, hidden shores. It's the perfect opportunity for a relaxing snack

As the only tour group within this section of Noosa's Everglades we get a peaceful and calm experience. We venture into hidden areas to savour the tranquility of being on calm water. We keep your enjoyment high by responding to the prevailing weather and paddling to protected areas away from strong winds. We'll play games, quizzes and spend time trying to spot all the local marine life including Estuary Stingrays and Leopard Whiprays.

It's a calming trip as you listen to nature and learn about the Kabi Kabi, natural ecosystems and Noosa's role in caring for this region.  

The whole experience lasts around 2-3 hours.

You'll have a lovely time but expect to get a little wet and be in the sun for a few hours. We recommend wearing your beach attire that keeps the elements off you (whether its sun, water, rain or wind)