Noosa Kayak Tour (Everglades & Stingrays)

De la AUD 65,00 A$
  • Durata: 2 Ore (aprox.)
  • Locatie: Noosaville, QLD
  • Cod produs: YAK

Highlights on our Noosa Kayak Tour;

  • Experience both the UNESCO Noosa Biosphere Reserve and the Noosa Everglades
  • Kayak in a Stingray sanctuary and enjoy the mindfulness of finding them
  • Escape into Lake Weyba, one of two wetland areas the Commonwealth has identified as of National Importance
  • Enter the Everglades from this Gateway to be surrounded by wildlife: 44% of Australia's birdlife resides within the Biosphere
  • Learn about the wild inhabitants and importance of these rare Ecosystems
  • Enjoy the convenience of accessing the Everglades via the gateway closest to Noosa

2022 Winner of Australia's Most Magical Experience....

We meet 5 mins from Noosa Junction and away from the crowds and hustle of Noosa.  You'll suddenly find yourself at the southern end of the Noosa Everglades system

Once we've got you comfortable in the kayaks, we'll launch and start our adventure into the calm waters of the creeks and branching waterways. As you paddle, look to the skies for chances to see the local Sea Eagles, Ospreys & Kites climbing the thermals whilst they hunt for their lunch.

As the only tour group within this section of Noosa's Everglades we get a peaceful and calm experience. We venture into hidden areas to savour the tranquility of being on calm water. We keep your enjoyment high by responding to the prevailing weather and paddling to protected areas away from strong winds. We'll play games, quizzes and spend time trying to spot all the local marine life including Estuary Stingrays and Leopard Whiprays.

It's a calming trip as you listen to nature and learn about the Kabi Kabi, natural ecosystems and Noosa's role in caring for this region.  

The whole experience lasts around 2hours.

You'll have a lovely time but expect to get a little wet and be in the sun for a few hours. We recommend wearing your beach attire that keeps the elements off you (whether its sun, water, rain or wind)